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How to Choose the Right Course

You don’t know which nail course is right for you? Read our small tips about how to choose the right nail course.

Please don’t waste your money on Courses where they will not teach you enough to become a fantastic nail tech. Or Nail tech at all, but they will give you diploma to hang on the wall, and you will not be able to start with work, or practice because of the absence of knowledge.

Before you book any course, ask who the teacher is and ask for their portfolio, their videos, to prove to you that you are not wasting your money, as many people do teach how to do nails but doing nails only in theory. Still, when it comes to practice, there is no result there.

After you have their portfolio, compare pictures with some good, well known, for example, as Kirsty Meakin, or some other fantastic Nail tech, and if they match, Book it immediately! Don’t think more.

I understand how you feel and how hard it is to pick up someone and not throw your money down the drain. It was the same for me at the beginning, and luckily I had one nail technician and my good friend who guided me when it was tough, and that made that first step much more comfortable to overcome.
I will help you after the course when you stuck, and believe me; everyone gets stuck in the beginning, and if you don’t have the right guide, you may not be happy in your new carer and just write it off as thing – That’s not for me.

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