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If you taking your business to a higher level, planning to open a new salon or just looking to learn how to make beautiful nail designs, our group nail courses are just for you!

Our nail courses are ideal for anyone, of any age, gender, or background who wishes to learn a new skill.  In our nail school, there is always the opportunity for a course that suits your need for updating in different techniques. With small groups, there will be more time for personal guidance by experienced trainers.

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Gel Beginner 3 days course

Gel Beginner Course

450.00 € 650.00 €

Give your career a boost with our Gel Beginner Technician Course and learn new techniques and get new skills.

Gel Beginner course home

Gel Beginner Night Classes

600.00 € 750.00 €

Want to take nail classes but you don’t have time over the day? No problem, we have a perfect course for you!

Gel Beginner Course

Up-Skilling Course

200.00 € 250.00 €

Improve your knowledge about nail techniques with our Upskill group nail course. Ready to learn more?

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Upcoming Nail Courses


Nail Art Group Course

We are teaching a large variety of nail art and design techniques. You will be equipped with the latest nail trends and designs. You will also be given complete training and a conceptual understanding of all the techniques and processes in nail art.  We are here to help you personalize the course as you wish.

Electric file + Russian Manicure course

Electric file + Russian Manicure 

With the appropriate bits for the electric file, you will learn how to lift the skin from the nail plate, remove it and smooth the area. At the same time, the main cause of nail lifting is applying the product on skin or on un-prepped parts of the nail. With the Russian technique implemented in the nail service, you will not have troubles as such anymore.

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